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Aloha and welcome to ProspectsHI Training Academy (PHITA),

The START HERE page is intended to help you get a lay of the land. Before we jump in though, a quick foreword about the owners and their vision.

Lee Lamb, Larry Tuileta, and Geno Hawkins founded PHITA with two main goals in mind. One, create an independent training organization that welcomes every athlete from every community, school, and club program in the state (...country). Two, provide an environment where some of the best coaches on the island can share their knowledge and expertise with young athletes. Essentially their goal is to provide an elite-level training environment that's available to every single athlete!

Now, let's jump in!


Accounts are required. Parents should create an account first and then add their child(ren) as a dependent(s). Parents, if you want your child to manage their own account, please add their email address when you're filling in their information on the dependent page.


Plans allow you to attend sessions on a per-month basis. The number of sessions you can attend a month and/or the duration of the plan can vary, so please check the description before making your purchase.


  1. these are the most cost-effective options if you are going to attend on a regular basis.
  2. you must enroll in the sessions you want to attend after purchasing a plan.

Important: we do not offer refunds on plans.

Passes are like a digital punch card. You purchase a plan with a pre-set number of visits and then enroll in the session(s) you want to attend. Once you attend the session, we deduct a visit from your pass (digital punch card). When your pass runs out of visits, purchase a new pass.


  1. These are a great way to save money.
  2. 5 Pack Passes expire 2 months after they are purchased.

Important: Passes are specific to certain types of sessions.

A Drop-In Pass
is when you go to the session you want to attend, enroll, purchase a Single Visit Pass for that session. When you purchase a Single Visit Pass, it completes the enrollment process and adds you to the roster (attendance list) for that specific session.

For more specific information about Plans and Passes, please go


Sessions - If you purchase a Plan or Pass, you must still enroll in the session you want to attend. If you don’t enroll and you "drop-in" on a session that's full, you will get turned away. (If you enroll online early and the session is full, you’ll have the option to be added to the waitlist. Waitlists are active up to 2 hours before a session starts.)